Bowen technique

What is Bowen Technique and NST?

Within the Westoe Practice, we specialise in Bowen Technique and Neuro Structural Integration Technique (NST) which are dynamic and skillful bodywork therapies.

Developed by the late Tom Bowen, a Bowen Technique / NST treatment initiates a process of auto-regulation to occur in the spinal column and consequently throughout the whole body. NST is based on the later work of Tom Bowen, which many people consider to be his more profound and effective work.

NST is useful for many musculo-skeletal problems, and can be especially helpful when used after injury as a means of realigning the body for lasting pain removal and rejuvenation. A Bowen Technique / NST session influences the musculoskeletal system, autonomic nervous system, lymphatic system and acupuncture meridians, making it a truly comprehensive healing modality.

How does it work?

The Bowen Technique and NST practitioner at the Westoe Practice, South Shields makes a series of specific cross fiber rolling moves using varying pressure over muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, which send neurological impulses to the brain. This is followed by periods of rest whereby the practitioner may occasionally leave the room to allow the body to respond; rebalancing and realigning itself.

The stimulation of the treatments are like pressing ‘reset' and allowing the body to resume the natural healing process, re-organising itself and releasing muscle and fascial dysfunction via the natural activation of various neural reflexes.

By alerting the body's innate healing mechanism, the resultant effect is a rapid elimination or reduction of symptoms, followed by an increase in energy and an unmistakable sense of wellbeing.

A Typical Session

A typical Bowen Technique / NST session at the Westoe Practice will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes and is performed through light clothing and will begin with a detailed case history to help us fully understand your concerns, and an overall assessment of the body to identify the underlying problems and the treatment required.

The therapist will work on the major core muscles, beginning with the spinal column and then concentrating on the areas of the body which require attention.

Two or three treatments are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief from many conditions, although further treatments may sometimes be required.

Bowen Technique and NST are suitable for all ages and are used for a wide range of symptoms from acute pain to chronic conditions.

Clients are encouraged to return occasionally for maintenance treatments.

During a typical session it is likely that Bowen/NST will be combined with other soft tissue release procedures which enhance Bowen work. Emmett Technique is one such procedure and uses pressure on precise points, and in sequences which gently release muscle groups. See Emmett Technique for further details.

How can it help you?

Imbalances within the body create the underlying causes of ill health. Restoring balance places the body back to the optimum condition to heal and recover.

Bowen and NST does not claim to diagnose or cure. As of yet they are not scientifically proven to be evidence based and as a result current legislation prohibits us from listing symptoms and conditions that are known to respond well when we follow the well-established principle of naturopathic medicine: 'That the body be treated as a whole, without referral to named disease'. Bowen Technique and NST work with all the body systems and can therefore help a wide array of problems. However, they are commonly used to assist:

  • Bowen for muscle and joint pain
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Jaw pain and TMJ Dysfunction
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain
  • Hip, knee, ankle pain
  • Sport or work related injuries
  • Tension induced problems
  • General relaxation and body balancing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is important not to mix other complementary therapies with Bowen since the body goes through a series of changes following the treatment as it begins a process of autoregulation. There should be a gap of at least seven days before or after Bowen, otherwise your response to treatment may be limited. However, Bowen therapy does not interfere with traditional medical management.
Yes, most definitely. Bowen has amazing results for pregnant ladies, assisting with back pain, sacral discomfort and tightness with the diaphragm. But please remember to tell your therapist that you are pregnant when booking your session.
No. Treatment can be performed through light clothing. However, heavy fabrics like jeans are not suitable.