Jill Glozier

Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach

I am a Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach with an enthusiastic approach and a passion to share practical tools such as breath work, meditation and mantra with others to help them live fulfilling lives, free from anxiety and stress. My goal is to help you find balance in mind, body and soul using techniques that are simple but effective.

Breath Coaching is a wonderful way to affect your autonomic nervous system and create sustainable health benefits in your life. Breathing is fundamental to life, yet we rarely give it a second thought, we often miss the wonderful equation that breathing is influenced by emotions and emotions are influenced by the breath. When we turn breathing into a conscious practice, we can tune into a more naturally peaceful state of being.

Yoga Breathing sessions are designed to relieve stress, balance your energy, and improve sleep. Yoga breathing is a safe and natural way to quickly affect your autonomic nervous system. Yoga breathing offers many of the benefits of meditation, but it is easier to learn, can be practiced anywhere and has predictable results.

The main benefits of Yoga Breathing are improved sleep, reduced anxiety, improve mental focus, boost digestion and balanced energy. You will learn a variety of techniques– to balance your nerves and steady your mood any time of day, to crush stress and anxiety, and sleep better. Breathing exercises also wake you up and prepare for the day, naturally energised.

Price per session £35 (45 minutes)