Jill Glozier

Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach

Jill is a Yoga Teacher, Breath Coach and Sound Therapist with a passion to share practical tools such as breath work, meditation and mantra with others to help them live fulfilling lives, free from anxiety and stress. Her goal is to help you find balance in mind, body and soul using techniques that are simple but effective.

The therapeutic use of Sound is her passion and she able to use a variety of Sound Healing instruments such as Singing Bowls, Voice and Drum to restore homeostasis.

Breath Coaching

Breath Coaching is a wonderful way to affect your autonomic nervous system and create sustainable health benefits in your life. Breathing is fundamental to life, yet we rarely give it a second thought. We often miss the wonderful equation that breathing is influenced by emotions and emotions are influenced by the breath. When we turn breathing into a conscious practice, we can tune into a more naturally peaceful state of being.

It is recommended to have a minimum of four sessions so that you can experience a progression in your breathing habits and to integrate the practical exercises. Be warned, there will be homework. To see lasting results it is vital that you invest a small amount of time each day to practice the techniques, but don’t worry, my job as your coach is to enthuse and encourage you to make the commitment. The techniques are very simple and as you begin to master them you will find that they are invaluable tools in maintaining a vibrant, balanced life.

Sound Healing

How does Sound Therapy work?

The use of Sound as a healing tool is an ancient tradition. Sound therapy works on the knowledge that, at our most fundamental level, we are energy and sound waves. When we are in alignment and healthy, our bodies resonate at particular frequencies. However, when we experience prolonged stress, trauma or illness, our body no longer vibrates at an optimal frequency and this eventually leads to dis-ease. Sound healing occurs on many levels but there are two main ways it works. The first principal is a process called entrainment: throughout the treatment you will be bathed in high vibrational sounds, and over time your energy will begin to align with the higher frequencies promoting healing. The Second Principal is that Sound Healing slows brainwaves down to the same frequency achieved in deep meditation and the parasympathetic nervous system (also know as rest and reset) is dominant. In this deep state of relaxation the body, mind and spirit is able to self-heal and auto-regulate.

What will happen

The session will start with a relaxed consultation to determine the focus of the treatment and create a treatment plan. You will then lie on the couch fully clothed and tucked into a blanket. I will guide you smoothly in and out of the session. It is not unusual for people to fall asleep or doze during the treatment due to its deeply relaxing nature.

Sound Healing affects everyone differently, most people tend to leave the session feeling a sense of calm and wellbeing. Some people may feel emotional as they process the change and energy shifts that have taken place which often leads to a new outlook or a needed shift in perspective. This is a perfectly natural response. Sound Healing supports the emotional transformation process in an indirect manner working on a subconscious level to resolve outdated emotional disturbances; a reconnection of sorts.